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It’s All About Magic!

My two girls were 5 and 7 years old when, on a lovely day in May, we visited Wilderness Wood in Sussex. At that time of year the beech trees have fresh, bright-green leaves which speak of the first warm days, the pleasures of outdoors, the Summer ahead…

"Magic Tree" Acrylic painting on canvas by Marina Kim. 200x75 cm.
Magic Tree

This particular tree was very old and magnificent, dominating the space around it. We stopped by and spent some time at the tree’s foot, drawn by its warmth and power.

I took some photos of the girls and the tree and later painted this picture.

The painting took a very long time, as I was tentatively feeling my way through the process. It was making up a new visual language – free and exact at the same time; real and surreal… The magic of the tree and that day is what I was after.

I love this painting. There is so much in it which is good and right and wholesome. But most of all, I think I managed to express the transient and intangible magic of childhood!

I am not ever selling the original painting BUT…

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