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Portrait Commissions 2016

Portrait study in oils of a boy with a book, portrait painting art commission
Alfie Gurney 
Oil on canvas
Commission portrait portfolio. Watercolour on paper. portraits of children
Arabella at Grandad’s
Watercolour on paper
Commission portrait portfolio. Children portraits from life sittings.
Portrait of Arabella Elliott
Oil on canvas
Portrait of Arabella Elliott Pencil on paper
Portrait of Arabella Elliott
Pencil on paper
Commission a portrait. Painting of a boy with a dog. Acrylic painting
Benjie Gurney and Jack in Rye
Acrylic on canvas
Commission corporate style portrait painting. Retirement gift fine art commission
Portrait of Nigel Pavey
oil on canvas
Commission portrait painting. Portraiture art commission
Portrait of Maitland Ford
Oil on canvas
Portrait commissions by Marina Kim portrait artist.
Portrait of John Wenburgh
Oil on canvas
Portrait study from life sitting. Oil on canvas. portraiture art. Commission a portrait
Oil on canvas
Commission a portrait painting. Portraiture art. Portrait commissions portfolio
Portrait of Marina Orden With Leo
Oil on canvas