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The Swing


“The Swing”
Acrylic on canvas painting.
106.6×106.6cm or 42″x42″.

This painting is rather mysterious.

When my girls were younger we spent a lot of time at the playground, and I used to photograph them more than they will let me do now!

One day, when I was taking pictures of my kids on the swings and climbing frames, a little girl came up, smiled at me and posed for a photo. She was about two years old – an age when they love to be photographed. With her mother’s agreement I took a number of photos.

Later on, looking through the shots, I came upon an image which I really liked: something about the eyes – focused beyond the world around, on the unseen…

I imagined her in a Summer forest, swinging, with an intense and dreamy look on her face, and that’s how this painting came to be.

I don’t know the girl’s name, and I doubt she has seen this painting inspired by her – forever a dreamy child on a swing.”

And later…

A visitor to the gallery loved “The Swing” and contemplated buying it. We talked, and the idea developed into commissioning a portrait of her daughter instead, using the same composition and style, with the addition of a fairy, if you look closely…!

Portrait of Lottie-Lou. Commission a child portrait by Marina Kim. Portraiture art.
Portrait of Lottie-Lou
Acrylic on canvas

“I absolutely adore your painting. The more I look at it, the more I see! …It’s really touched me and it will be treasured throughout my life.”
Caroline Smith.

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A Year Worth of Portraits

It’s been a long time since I updated my portrait portfolio, mostly because I was painting them. (Amazing, how hard I find to switch from one activity to another, yet switching is something I am compelled to do all the time…)

So, here is a year worth of portrait commissions pushed into one blog post.
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Portrait of Catherine and Rebecca Redmayne by Marina Kim
Catherine and Rebecca
Portrait of Mia and Emmie Pavey by Marina Kim
Mia and Emmie
Portrait of Jean Floyd by Marina Kim
Portrait of Jean Floyd

Commission a portrait by Marina KimCommission Portrait by Marina Kim

Commission a portrait by Marina Kim