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Children Portraits | Marina Kim Portraiture

Children Portraits

Painting children, as well as watching them, is a pure pleasure!

Parenthood is challenging, but the rewards are unbeatable – love and pride, elation, excitement!.. It is not for faint-hearted. Of course, we want to keep those sweet moments of joy (and forget the rest!)

These days, we have so many means of documenting the precious years of our kids growing up, yet a painting is something quite different and special.

Commission a portrait. Boy with a dog. Acrylic painting
Benjie Gurney and Jack in Rye
Acrylic on canvas
Portrait of a boy, commission art
Alfie Gurney With a Book
Oil on canvas
Children portraits by portrait painter Marina Kim. Commission fine art portraiture.
Portrait of Catherine and Rebecca Redmayne
Acrylic on canvas
Portrait of Lottie-Lou Smith. Commission a child portrait by Marina Kim. Portraiture art.
Portrait of Lottie-Lou Smith
Acrylic on canvas
Children portraiture. Portrait artist Marina Kim.
Oil on canvas


Portrait of a child. Commission fine art portrait.
oil on canvas
Girl's portrait. Portraiture fine art by Marina Kim
Acrylic on canvas
Portrait of Marnie Benn aged 1 in the garden. Oil and acrylic on canvas.
Portrait of Marnie
Oil and acrylic on canvas.
Portrait of a child climbing a fence. Children portraits by Marina Kim
“No Climbing”
Oil and acrylic on canvas
Children portraits by Marina Kim. Commissioned portraits portfolio.
Oil on canvas
Portrait of Ollie Spencer on Camber Sands dunes. Oil on canvas.
Oil on canvas
Portrait painter Marina KIm. Portfolio of children portraits.
Portrait of Grace Castle
Oil on canvas
Commission portrait by Marina Kim. Life study of a boy.
Portrait of JJ
Oil on canvas
Portrait of two sisters. Children portraiture, family portraiture by Marina Kim.
Emma and Camilla
Oil on canvas

15 thoughts on “Children Portraits”

  1. The artist captures the pleasures of childhood in a colorful and dynamic gesture while bringing accuracy and detail to the faces. The diagonal, painterly strokes of color in the background and foreground are in beautiful contrast to the detailed and photo-realistic faces. Beautiful mastery of the paint and color.

  2. I happened upon your paintings via Facebook and I have to tell you they are wonderful. Great art changes the viewer- perhaps make the viewer think or feel or simply marvel. Your art made me feel really happy, quite simply. The children are a great subject matter and your compositions compelling. thank you

    Fellow artist from New Orleans, LA.

  3. Wow! Your paintings are so beautiful! Amazing how you draw the children in that detail way! How do you get this perfect effect? How do you work?


    (P.S. sorry for my english, I´m from Germany 😉 )

    1. Thank you! How I do it?.. I am not sure. It’s just the way I like it – to focus on their beautiful faces and make the background free and dynamic 🙂

  4. ur drawing is just awesome… so detailing….. I m just amazed….. I will be very helpfull and i’ll be very great-full to you if u will post a video tutorial… I really want to learn…

    1. Dear Toma, thank you for your appreciation.
      Unfortunately, there is no tutorial, and even if I wanted to, I couldn’t make one, because every single portrait is created in a unique way. I just make it up as I go along!

    1. Hi Jean! Sorry for a delayed reply. And thank you for your kind comment!
      I cannot say that I use any particular colours in my portraits, I really don’t register. Probably a lot depends on the light in the studio if painting from life, and if I paint from photos – the light in the original photographs.
      I browsed through your website – lovely work! I really like your portraits. Perhaps they tend to be on the dark side because you approach them more as a graphic piece rather than a painting. When I paint a portrait, regardless of medium, I tend to throw all of the colours in. But I never use the Black. I like to go really light in the semi-shades where I use a lot of Neapolitan Yellow. For very dark areas I use a mixture of dark reds and dark blues…

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Portraits provide a permanent visual reminder of the ties between the generations of your family, expressing the emotional connection between you, your ancestors and your descendants. Long after photographs have faded, portraits remain.