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Pricing | Marina Kim Portraiture


On this page I’d like to give you an idea of the processes and prices for various portrait commissions, depending on the size and medium. Please bear in mind that the details of each commission will be different from any other.

Portfolio of Life Sketches:

Portfolio of portrait sketches. Portrait commissions by Marina Kim
Pencil on paper

One session usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours. I prefer to use pencil, occasionally charcoal or ink. At the end of the session there will be around 10 sketches made on A4-size paper. You choose to keep as many of them as you like. Price per session is £300.

Portrait Drawing:

Commission portrait drawing. Charcoal on paper. John Izod
Portrait of John Izod

Portrait drawing in pencil, charcoal or other graphic media. Requires 2-3 life sittings. Size of the paper from 40×30 cm. Priced between £500-800.

Oil, watercolour  or acrylic sketch from life:

Portrait commission. Life study in oil on canvas. Portrait commission by portraiture artist Marina Kim
Portrait of Daniel Wood

This commission is executed from life in two to four sittings, either in oil or acrylic, on canvas, card or board. The size of the painting is between 30×25 and 40×30 cm (12″x10″ and 16″x12″) . Price between £600 and £1000.

Head and Shoulders portrait in oils or acrylic painted from life:

Portrait of Basil Phillips by Marina Kim. Oil on canvas. 50x40 cm.
Portrait of Basil Phillips
Oil on canvas

The size of the portrait is approximately 50x40cm. It can be painted from life or photographs and priced at £2500. If painting from life, this commission will take 6-7 sittings.

Head and Shoulders portrait in oils or acrylic painted from photographs:

Portrait of my nephew Yurka. Oil on canvas. 50x40 cm

Detailed portraits of children are usually painted from photographs. Either oil or acrylic can be used, size starts from 40×40 cm. Prices from £2800.

Medium size portrait in oils or acrylic painted from life:

Portrait of Anne Phillips by Marina Kim. Corporate portraits.
Portrait of Anne Phillips
Oil on canvas

Portrait depicting a person including head, shoulders and hands, in oil or acrylic. Size starting from 70×60 cm. The portrait  is painted from life. Minimum number of sittings if painted from life is 10. Price starts at £4000.

Medium to large size portrait in oils or acrylic painted from photographs

Portrait of Lottie-Lou. Commission a child portrait by Marina Kim. Portraiture art.
Portrait of Lottie-Lou
Acrylic on canvas

If life sittings are impossible or impractical, a portrait can be painted from photographs. This type of commission demands longer time to complete and involves you and me working together at the preliminary stages. It involves finding or taking suitable photographs, talking over the composition, refining composition… Some of that can be done over emails; one or two photo-sessions might be needed.
Sizes start from 80×80 cm. The price from £5000.

Group portrait

Family Portrait commission by a portrait artist Marina Kim
Portrait of Neilson Family

The details of a group portrait are to be discussed.

The above prices are a guide.

The payment is made in two installments: advanced payment of 1/3 of the agreed final price at the start of the work, and the rest on completion of the portrait.

Portraits provide a permanent visual reminder of the ties between the generations of your family, expressing the emotional connection between you, your ancestors and your descendants. Long after photographs have faded, portraits remain.