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How long does a portrait commission take? | Marina Kim Portraiture

How long does a portrait commission take?

That depends on whether you are commissioning a portrait from life or portrait from photograph.

If you prefer a portrait from life, the quickest option is a sketching session. It takes 2 hours, at the end of which I will have made 7-15 drawings. Some will be better than others! What my clients love about this type of commission is the essence of the subject captured in a quick line drawing. All of the drawings made during the session belong to you. Please visit the gallery of sketches.

If our meeting in person is not possible, then we can work from photographs. In this case it won’t take much of your time, and the time it takes me to complete the work will depend on the medium, style and size of the portrait you choose, starting from two months for a small portrait and up to 12 months for a large and complex project.

In the case of a large detailed painting, the minimum time from start to completion is six months.

Portraits provide a permanent visual reminder of the ties between the generations of your family, expressing the emotional connection between you, your ancestors and your descendants. Long after photographs have faded, portraits remain.