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Portraits of family, friends and others by portrait artist Marina Kim. These portraits were not commissioned. Commission a portrait.

The Swing


“The Swing”
Acrylic on canvas painting.
106.6×106.6cm or 42″x42″.

This painting is rather mysterious.

When my girls were younger we spent a lot of time at the playground, and I used to photograph them more than they will let me do now!

One day, when I was taking pictures of my kids on the swings and climbing frames, a little girl came up, smiled at me and posed for a photo. She was about two years old – an age when they love to be photographed. With her mother’s agreement I took a number of photos.

Later on, looking through the shots, I came upon an image which I really liked: something about the eyes – focused beyond the world around, on the unseen…

I imagined her in a Summer forest, swinging, with an intense and dreamy look on her face, and that’s how this painting came to be.

I don’t know the girl’s name, and I doubt she has seen this painting inspired by her – forever a dreamy child on a swing.”

And later…

A visitor to the gallery loved “The Swing” and contemplated buying it. We talked, and the idea developed into commissioning a portrait of her daughter instead, using the same composition and style, with the addition of a fairy, if you look closely…!

Portrait of Lottie-Lou. Commission a child portrait by Marina Kim. Portraiture art.
Portrait of Lottie-Lou
Acrylic on canvas

“I absolutely adore your painting. The more I look at it, the more I see! …It’s really touched me and it will be treasured throughout my life.”
Caroline Smith.

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It’s All About Magic!

My two girls were 5 and 7 years old when, on a lovely day in May, we visited Wilderness Wood in Sussex. At that time of year the beech trees have fresh, bright-green leaves which speak of the first warm days, the pleasures of outdoors, the Summer ahead…

"Magic Tree" Acrylic painting on canvas by Marina Kim. 200x75 cm.
Magic Tree

This particular tree was very old and magnificent, dominating the space around it. We stopped by and spent some time at the tree’s foot, drawn by its warmth and power.

I took some photos of the girls and the tree and later painted this picture.

The painting took a very long time, as I was tentatively feeling my way through the process. It was making up a new visual language – free and exact at the same time; real and surreal… The magic of the tree and that day is what I was after.

I love this painting. There is so much in it which is good and right and wholesome. But most of all, I think I managed to express the transient and intangible magic of childhood!

I am not ever selling the original painting BUT…

Excellent quality giclée prints are now available to buy online!

Me and My Girls

This February half-term we didn’t go anywhere, and while my girls were home and the light was good, I bribed them to sit for the portraits.

After all, last time I painted them was at least a couple of years ago, and I never painted them from life, always from photos. Now that they are old enough and well-trained by various educational institutions, no reason why they couldn’t sit still each for 10 or so hours…

Well, it took some modeling fees and also, during the sittings, they were watching films. Only sometimes in the last session each was required to look at me to paint their eyes. Still, they took the whole experience as yet another chore which their wicked mother imposed on them and that shows clearly in the portraits!

Portrait of Eva Roche age 13

Portrait of Eva Roche, age 13
Oil on canvas
70×50 cm

Marina Kim. Portraiture

Portrait of Alina Roche, age 11
Oil on canvas
70×50 cm

Me and my girls!

Marina Kim portrait artist
Me and My Girls